Give as you Get

Support Your Community Every Time you Shop Online

Give as you Get was created to use the power of the internet to bring together the wants of supporters and the needs of nonprofits.  We want you to feel good about making a difference with every purchase you make through our site.   We’ve aligned with the most popular online shopping sites to become your one-stop online shopping destination.

Give as you Get contributes at least 50% of all revenues to nonprofit organizations



Generous Art envisions art purchases as community-oriented transactions — rejecting the idea that art collection is a selfish endeavor or an isolated event. Generous Art replaces time-consuming auction fundraisers with a purchase process that simultaneously funds the artist, a nonprofit and the mission of Generous Art.  When you purchase art, you may select a nonprofit organization to support from a list of beneficiaries or supply an alternate nonprofit. The retail price is divided among the nonprofit (40%), donating artist (40%), and Generous Art (20%).

Since its launch event in June of 2011, Generous Art has sold 37 pieces of art with 40% going to 13 different nonprofits.



Give Realty strives to make the world a better place by fostering philanthropy through the dream of home ownership.   At Give Realty we inspire our clients to engage in the non-profit community.  We help our clients realize that in achieving their dream they can help those facing adversity achieve their own. Give Realty donates 25% of each commission to the non-profit of our clients choice.

In just over 4 years, Give Realty has donated over $190,000 to 66 nonprofits.


Successful Giving

Successful Giving helps clients to achieve strategic and meaningful giving.  Successful Giving does this by creating opportunities for businesses, individuals and funders to discover their philanthropic passions, identify their strategic giving investments, and develop new initiatives.  This occurs through individual or group consultation, including training and workshops.  Ultimately Successful Giving increases the quantity and quality of giving to the community by fostering strategic and satisfying philanthropic connections.

Successful Giving donates 10% of its profits back to the community.


Alt Creative

Alt Creative has been designing websites & marketing materials for small businesses in the Austin area since 2005. In 2011, the agency decided to give back to the community that has nurtured it for so long. Alt Creative donates 10% of the profits from all custom web design projects to charity — 5% goes to one of the company’s preferred charities and the other 5% is given to the client’s choice of non-profit.

Alt Creative gives 10% of all custom web projects to non-profits.


Little Green Beans

Little Green Beans is a children’s re-sale store on a mission to be fully integrated into the Austin community both supporting local families with young children and recycling. Six days a week, hundreds of families consign gently used maternity wear, children’s wear, baby gear, toys, books and games to earn 50% of the selling price of their items in cash or store credit. Goods that we cannot sell in the store are donated weekly to successful non-profits that give them away to families in need. We promote those local organizations plus like-minded independent businesses through our active outreach program online and in the store located at Highway 183 and Burnet Road. Each month since opening in February 2011, Little Green Beans has given 100+ in kind donations and hundreds of dollars in free publicity plus contributions to non-profit organizations that have limited staff and budgets.

Hotels for Hope

At Hotels for Hope, our clients create social change through the simple act of booking hotel rooms. Whether you are a meeting planner, event organizer, individual traveler or hotel, you have the power to change lives.

Each of Hotels for Hope’s contracted hotels is asked to include a $1 charitable contribution, which Hotels for Hope then matches, dollar for dollar. In short, each room night generates $2 for the Hotels for Hope fund.


Avail Design Group

Avail Design Group helps organizations navigate changing markets and deliver growing results. Using a proven method based in design, business development, and community change, we help clients build “solutions” that are sustainable and based in the wisdom of the people who do the work every day. Our work builds clarity, capacity and momentum to:

  • Improve results for the people and priorities our customers work to serve
  • Diversify business models and grow revenues to improve reach, results and sustainability
  • Increase organizational awareness, teamwork and staff engagement

Our customers are most often organizations that have a social mission and are committed to doing good in the world and bringing meaning and value to their communities. Our broad objective with each client is to strengthen their organization in becoming more responsive and adaptive to the challenges and opportunities they engage. is a leading online custom printing provider. The Giving Program embodies the company’s culture of philanthropy and community support. Through in-kind discounts on products and donations to nonprofit organizations, we can help reduce operating costs and more of the donation dollars nonprofits raise can support the work of the organizations’ missions.

Since 2008, the Giving Program has donated more than $450,000 to approximately 400 nonprofits nationwide and our giving continues to grow. Additionally, the staff remains committed to the Austin community – more than a quarter of our employees are active volunteers with a variety of mission-driven nonprofits.